Easy way to make 2019 the best one yet, want to find out?

Updated: Jan 9, 2019

The beginning of the year is the perfect time to reassess your projects.

Reassess with inspiration and confidence!

Double up on optimism

Never let anyone tell you that your project is too ambitious, too risky or even unachievable. You’d be listening to their doubts and lack of self-esteem.

The effective secret to achieving any project, small, big or even hairy scary is to break it down in smaller portions, topics, stages.

Pause for a moment and look at the whole project in your thoughts, it’s overwhelming as untidy. Your thoughts are spinning around just to tease you. when you lay them down on paper you realise and appreciate it’s only a bunch of steps to take one after the other.

As soon as you start taking a step (start by what you think is a small one) in no time you’ll be a quarter of the way down!

Be proud of taking these steps and don’t forget to celebrate with something enjoyable.

You’re now on the way: getting closer to accomplishing your goal.

That’s the secret, always make progress toward the next step of your project, no matter how small that step forward is or seems to be.

There is no small victories only Victories!

Don’t give me wrong, some days are easier than others for sure, I still witness the lows first hand.

On challenging days, time to create a support mechanism for yourself. Easy, make sure you acknowledge today that you're having a sh*t day but that tomorrow will be a great one.

Never underestimate how powerful it is to recognise moments of weakness and put in place this simple but effective support mechanism.

That’s where coaching is priceless, there is no secret recipe:

Just the recipe that works for you.

Your coach works with you to find what works and is needed to create positive habits designed around YOU.

If you want it you can have it, no matter what it is! Simply take one step at the time.

The only thing that can stop you is the noise you’re tempted to create and use as excuses.

One last time, when you acknowledge the excuse and make an effort to brush it off, it goes.

However, it’s all down to you to make it happen. So learn about yourself and the mechanisms that suit you to rework your weaknesses to your advantage.

2019 is about your successes so make them happen!

Now take a couple of minutes to break down your project, into bite size components and pick the one to accomplish first with an associated timeline and so on.

Come on play the game

No more excuse will get in the way of you achieving your projects in 2019. I'll support you all along in a way that works for you with a hint of Aline Declercq's (I don't give up), so do not hesitate to get in touch when you're ready.

I wish you the very best for 2019!

Last tip before you go: Always promote your successes as if you don’t do it: how do you want us to appreciate and celebrate with you. Be proud of yourself!

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