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About Me

During my 15 years in the corporate world,

I collated many tips and stories I want to share with you, not just for fun because I believe you can benefit from them and avoid the time I wasted trying to understand what went wrong and why it happened in the first place. 


I can hear you saying:


"What makes you think that they'll be valuable to me? "


Maybe they won't, and that's fine.

However, if like me you experienced bad management in your career, as a strong professional, you've created mechanisms to cope. Time to be honest with yourself and build positive habits and get your career goals back on track. 

These actionable tips I share here are the beginning of your coaching journey.

Personal development is powerful and empowering, for me, it has, from far, been the best investment for my career.



Glad I understood it was down to me to invest in myself.


After more than 10 successful years in top fintech and eCommerce companies, I mo two diplomas in performance coaching before allowing myself to open LeverageYourWorth coaching practice to guide you expertly. Now it's done, I have my coach and invest monthly in business courses and well-being activities or sports.


Is it enough to convince you to take action today rather than tomorrow?


If not, contact me, we'll continue the conversation. Life is too short and too unpredictable, everybody should get a coach to master the time allocated to them. 


A lot more straightforward than you think to create positive habits and celebrate rewarding accomplishments.


I'll share my big goal, tell me yours.

Come on, what's your dream? Let's make it happen.


Speak soon, Aline 

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