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Juliette D.

Founder & CEO

JDI Research

Aline's coaching turned my successful 2-year-old business into a 2.5-year-old thriving business, I'm now extremely proud of. I consulted Aline for business coaching and the results are above and beyond all expectations. I did not really believe coaching would make a difference, however, tried on the off chance on a piece of personal advice.


After 2 months of Aline's success coaching, I have already doubled my client base. I have never had so much traction in my business in such a short time. To top it up, I came to Aline to fix my business and I ended up fixing my life too...


Looking at things through a new lens has turned many aspects of my life around - Aline keeps reminding me that it has nothing to do with luck but the positive habits I have created through coaching. As far as I'm concerned, I know the lucky part was to have met her.

James C.


London, UK

I was feeling like my life was in a bit of a cul-de-sac and I was looking to develop things (both career and personal) for the better. I considered coaching and haven't looked back; working with Aline has been hugely positive and helped me on the path to achieving my goals.


She has been so helpful in discovering what the things were that were holding me back and getting me to look at these to turn things around. My motivation and confidence has been improved massively since we have worked together and continues to do so.


Aline's easy going manner and ability to bring out the best in you is inspirational and I would recommend her to anyone who really wants to make that change!

Jessica M.

CEO, PowerSpeakerClinic, Johannesburg, SA

I was initially led to Coaching because I was setting up my new business and wanted to quickly achieve my goals. Coaching with Aline has been transformational as I have managed to set, achieve my goals and I'm continuing to improve my business. Aline is professional and I would recommend her to anyone wanting to move their business forward.

Katia R.


Parenting Consultant

London, UK

I was feeling stuck, unsure and had a kind of lack of motivation but wasn't quite sure why, when I decided to work with Aline.

I became a completely new version of myself. Aline gave me all the tools to help me to organize myself, being more structured, having a better clarity and mainly gave me the confidence and the support that I needed to move forward faster in the right direction.                                                      The best part of working with Aline has been the "mirror effect" I've had that showed me where I had to work and improve myself to be successful, to go out of my comfort zone and to make the decision that this was really what I wanted and learned how to make the difference between who I am and what I do, between me and my business. I feel a lot lighter since.

Thinking working with Aline? I would just say go and do it. In my opinion, one of the best decision you can make to work with an amazing coach for growing and having a successful business.

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