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Back to basics

Updated: Oct 29, 2018

I pretended to be someone else for so many years I didn’t know who I was anymore. When I founded my coaching practice, it was essential for me, and my future clients, to get back to basics and rediscover who I am. Here is the story.

Founding my coaching practice involved a considerable amount of personal development, and I love it as it is far from being as simple as I initially thought (as you know I like challenges).

For me, personal development means working towards becoming a better human being by focusing on your wellbeing before even considering helping others.

It's only appropriate and relevant to look after others when you’re fit enough to look after yourself.

The process, for me, started by asking myself: Who am I? Which clients would I best support with my skills and values?

I needed to go back to basics: Who am I?

I never thought it would be so tricky for me to answer this simple question. It ended up being a pretty big personal exercise to rediscover and put words to ‘who I am?’ ‘What could I not live without?’

In fact, the corporate world had made me wear a mask for such a long time that when it was time and necessary for me to take it off, I couldn’t. Typical Business Development strategist, my first reflex was to serve and sign everybody.

When actually, it would have been anything but close to my values to sign everybody: I wanted to enjoy each client's journey and the only way to do so honestly is by being aligned with my values.

I’m not the right coach for everyone.

You won’t honestly make as much progress with your coach if you don’t hold the same values.

However, when you find your coach you feel so empowered, that you can move mountains.

My values are respect, fairness, honesty. Yours?

Unveiling my fundamental values, after wearing the mask for such a while, was challenging. I couldn’t stop unconsciously go back to the corporate world 'me': Strong extravert professional stepping into stilettos and pretty dresses to sign big deals, I looked fearless and overconfident. I would always say ‘yes’ to new challenges and ignored my comfort zone, just to follow the rules of the corporate game of internal politics and be part of the ‘Club’.

I only became aware of this mask when I was time for me to take it off.

I wanted to set up a business to work with the clients for whom I have the best expertise and same convictions, to meet our high mutual expectations.

Impossible for me to achieve this for us with my corporate mask on: I would not have been at the right place to coach you.

Hang on, my corporate mask has not disappeared though; too precious, it allowed me to acquire a completely different and super useful skill set which I happily share with you when necessary as this expertise is priceless.

I hope you see the subtlety of wearing a mask to comply with specific 'requirements' in the corporate world while remaining close to your fundamental values.

Be aware that you might feel the need to be someone else while at work, however, don't lose yourself, write your values of a sticky note and look at them once a day as becoming someone else won't get you to where you want to be in your professional life.

Personally, I'm very grateful that my new career allowed me to step out. Also, thankful to my coach for always holding the space for me to reflect safely during our consultations, and I’ll do the same for you with passion.

Without coaching I would have set up my business on ‘values’ I thought I wanted or needed rather than true values such as honesty, respect and fairness that made who I am today.

What about you? Are you aligned with your true values rather than strength you want or think you need?

Being aligned with your values will make you move mountains and deliver with excellence.

Do you need someone to hold the space for you to realign? If so, get in touch, I'd love to meet you and see how I can help you.

Speak soon, Aline x


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