Really? Start again with smaller steps?

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Always amazed that as an experienced coach I don’t seem to teach myself better.

I mean ‘new year new you’ is something I commit to every year and you know what... each year I set myself for failure - hang on - not failure as in the dramatic and catastrophic sense: failure as in... not meeting my expectations.

The reason for this disappointment? Simple I want too much too soon! And I assume that the excitement of the new beginning of the year will this time be the one...

Unfortunately the way our brain is set up is that we use patterns and these patterns are meant to facilitate our thought processes, make us more efficient...

This is where I disagree...

Unfortunately, it actually makes my life harder! Each time my ambitious (read here “I like to challenge myself or impatient”) personality challenges me to set the bar higher forgetting the steps in between. I end up with a challenging goal to achieve and no support or plan to get me there. When everything goes well you have a small chance to achieve, but imagine during the tough times or moments of weakness. No chance right?

Harder to reach like a large helium balloon without a string to grab it...

Then the battle between my good and bad conscience starts. Guess who wins?

Interestingly, the goals I’m referring to are personal goals such as fitness and health. Two topics I barely work on with my coach. With Annalise, I usually focus on blog-writing, improving my business and its processes, becoming a better coach, etc...

I should know better, I know...

However, I believe it when I say “you can’t coach yourself effectively."

As a result I’m always astonished by the limitations you and I put on your own way by contemplating beautiful goals and not take the time to build bridge or even stepping stones to get there.

Stay with me, I'm not about to launch Excel or a fancy project management tool. I'm not talking about a detailed business plan for each goal you want to reach. I’m talking about your definition of ‘the path’ with milestones to reach - small and large, etc...

Sounds simple right? Remember we’re still in January, where are we with those resolutions you committed to? Still sustaining? these are the type of changes or goald I’m talking about in this article:

Goals with a great reward at the end that we dive into head first with no plan.

On this side, this year, I made the choice to list them and work on these goals with my coach to set a bulletproof plan and grab them one by one. What about you?

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