The treasure you're seeking is closer than you think

Earlier this year, I permitted myself to leave my blog alone for a few months, and now it is complicated to restart it.

I’m in front of my laptop, and it doesn’t happen, a lake of inspiration, ‘better’ things to do, I even got used to the calendar reminder popping up every few days to the point I missed it once cancelled.

I hear you say: why do you bother?

Well, here is the point of this article, when I feel uncomfortable, such as writing on my blog: I know doing it is the right thing to move forward and progress.

If you want, it pushes me out of my comfort zone: which is gold for me.

I owe this treat to one of my previous bosses, one of the good ones, who taught me to go towards fear.

As Brené Brown says - The cave you’re afraid to enter encloses the treasure you’re seeking.

I love this quote it resonates with me: as between us, I’ve never felt confident in the dark. So, the image of entering a dark cave to find the confidence, strength, treasure I’m looking for works perfectly: it allows me to appreciate the challenge and acknowledge my progress once made.

My blog is my version of vulnerability. What do I mean? It exposes a variety of negative thoughts I have about me writing and sharing my vulnerability with the ‘world’. However, I know that continually exposing them and as often as possible make them disappear in the background and make room for more confidence.

Meanwhile, this experience is another proof that limiting beliefs/negative thoughts do come back too. Exactly, like the confidence, you often say you’ve ‘lost’. In fact, it’s just a layer of negativity covering it and waiting to be blown away.

Practice makes taming these limiting beliefs easier, but don’t be fooled they don’t disappear.

Now let’s find the door to the rewarding cave!

What about you? Pause a moment and think about the treasure you’ll find behind your door.

My treasure: the courage to show up in writing and share it online so that my future clients connect with me.

I know the treasure, I want the treasure but I’m still not doing it, what's going on?

To find the answer, my number one priority, when it touches my courage is to speak to my coach and explore the topic through deep thinking led by coach's questioning. Annalise, my coach, holds the space safe for me to let it go and be honest with myself.

This is what a great coach does for you: hold the space so that you can drop any armour you wear to let your mind think for yourself - a pure moment of honesty with yourself.

The combination of the trust built and the coaching expertise makes coaching sessions powerful and fruitful — the exact reason why you enter a coaching relationship.

Let me share with you one of the secrets of coaching: Meaningful questions oriented to make me find the answers I hold within.

For example, my coach’s first question was: What makes you smile when you write on your blog?

My mind and mouth instantly opened; my hand couldn’t stop writing. A new world of reflection and topics for my blog arose. I was happy and relieved and it all came from the answer to Annalise's question.

I want the courage to write and share my vulnerability as it creates value for my readers and will support someone who needs it.

Here you are, I'm now posting my first article since a number of months and commit to keep going.

On your side, if you haven't done so already, take a moment to think about what you’d like to see more of in your life. Then, find the small step you can do today towards your treasure. The trick is to make one small enough step every day and persevere. By not giving up and remembering these daily small steps, you’ll get to your treasure quicker than you thought no matter what your treasure is.

As always, please share your feedback, let me know what you think of this article, and what I should have done better, still learning and proud of it.

Have an amazing day.


Photo by Denny Müller

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