Can you coach anybody?

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

In reality: yes I can.

In practice: I'm not the right coach for everybody. My direct style and approach won't be for everyone.

I focus on the key points and remove the noise clients tend to create at first. This is my way of maximising the impact of my coaching has on you and avoid unnecessary lengthy coaching contracts.

I work on what you need, not what I need.

I can’t emphasise enough the importance of finding the right coach for YOU.

To thrive through coaching, you must feel comfortable, understood, safe, in trust and never judged.

Your coach should be your go-to person to make you thrive. So if you feel uncomfortable saying something to your coach: re-evaluate the relationship.

This fundamental applies to any topic. Furthermore, I know I keep reiterating it: you are in control, so you get as much as you put in. If you don't talk about something you worry about in a coaching session, you won't progress as expected.

Another secret making coaches successful: As a coach never assume anything.

Your coach is listening to you to turn every single stone paving your path and make sure it's not hiding a negative thought stopping your progression. If you're here you know you can do things in a better way, you just can't put your finger on what to change or modify effectively.

To give you an example, if I assume that for you the word 'challenge' drives you forward and motivates you just because that's the impact it has on me. You can imagine how wrong the session would go for some people.

Same with the word 'target', if I use this word with someone coming to me because they had a severe setback due to missing their bonus as not on target. This word won't motivate the person until we dig it out and expose it for good.

One of the primary process, coaches study behind the scene, is to expose clients' strengths and use them strategically to support clients towards their goal.

Going back to what I mentioned at the beginning of this article, to get clients to believe that they can achieve any of their aspirations and project. As your coach, I 100% believe in you. If I'm not, I'm not honest with you, therefore why should you? And this is the basis of coaching - Trust!

With mutual trust, we break the hardwired negative thoughts or mechanisms that our brain is designed to create - ending up in potential limiting beliefs which unfettered your path.

Your coach's role is to bends these mechanisms appropriately and efficiently through questioning for you to adopt an alternative angle to facts or situations (mirror effect).

Moving from negative tales to positive new habits or affirmations.

Be aware - Negative thoughts are sneakily damaging the perception you have of yourself and your capacity to progress.

Please, STOP!

Imagine if you had support mechanisms in place for all the situation that you find difficult.

Do you think it has always been easy for me to expose myself in articles such as this one? Well... I'm still feeling vulnerable each time, however, the mechanism, I have put in place with my coach, reminds me of why I'm doing it and why it is crucial for me to maximise the outcome of that feeling: use it to my advantage.

Coaching is no magic, it's teamwork and logical processes where you, as the client, are the only beneficiary.

So once again, check that you feel comfortable telling your coach everything. If that's the case, coaching will change your life forever pretty much instantly.

The first two or three sessions with your coach are the most memorable ones as the shift happening in your mind is considerable.

At the start of your coaching journey, you'll realise if not done already, that you’re the one in charge; therefore all decisions and reactions are yours. Any justification is unnecessary and merely create ‘noise.’

Once You’re ready to own the responsibility, you have full control.

It actually reminds me of one of my favourite quotes:

Master yourself, and you'll master the world!

After reading this article, start noticing the noise/excuses you notice when you talk or write an email and start justifying yourself.

Sorry Boss I was late this morning because.... (This is when you start creating noise)

For your coach, the noise is useful in the beginning, as tells me where to begin to build the most significant change.

Now find your coach, define success together and make it happen.

The only path to your success is the one that works for you!

Lastly, ambition, honesty, commitment and the desire to take ownership/be in control are the requirements to work with me.

If you're ready to take action and wish to know more simply get in touch by either sending me a message in the

section or book a call directly.

I look forward to talking to you soon.


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