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Updated: Nov 9, 2018

I’ve always known that creating a successful business with nothing was possible as brought up in a family where my dad built his wealth from the ground up.

Meanwhile, I understand that success is not a given, relentlessly working is essential.

80% of your day is showing up!

For this reason, I guess… I got discouraged and pushed creating my dream business back to the bottom of the bucket list.

indeed for 15 years, I listened to the little voice in my head prompting me to be scared about the uncertainties. Such as not knowing where to start, not having the life-changing idea that surely you need to create success, what about finances, how long can I ‘try’ for…? These were very legitimate excuses.

However, I realised one day that I was very comfortable in my job for far too long. Some days, I was only working at 50% of my capacity. I don't feel proud about it, rather ashamed.

My excuse for doing so: I was in a dead-end job, and nobody in the company seemed to care.

That was my way of making the most out of the situation.

Only when I realised that the only person who was suffering from this masquerade, was me, I decided to own the situation and admit that these stupid excuses were getting in the way of what I really wanted to achieve as an ambitious professional.

My own successful business!

That’s right, as far as I remember, I always wanted to create my own successful business. For myself of course, but also to feel the pride in my parents’ eyes. I’ll cover this topic in a future article.

The point is that, when I started the process of creating my coaching business, I noticed through the obligatory reflection, anybody starting a business seems to have to do, that I unconsciously missed many triggers that would have got me started a lot sooner.

I didn’t take notice to what friends, colleagues and clients were telling around my ability to listen without jumping to conclusion or my passion for sharing knowledge, traps and tricks with the next generation of leaders, etc… essential requirements to be a real coach.

And here you are, this is exactly like everything. It’s only after too many signs from the ‘universe’ that you finally notice them. Or when you put your mind to something, like someone you never met, you bumped into, and see three times the following week.

There is no magic or coincidence you just opened your eyes to this person.

I know I have wasted valuable time and lost a lot of confidence by not doing it earlier. To top it up, I now have to work on negative beliefs I had the time, against my will, to build in my ‘comfy’ job.

The double punishment I won’t forget.

So here is the point: “Take the time to notice what you notice.”

That’s only when I consciously took the time to look for the pieces of evidence that I saw them. It is as simple as it sounds. And, the same principle applies to all the situations. If you don’t take the time to notice the evidence, like me, you’ll waste time and potentially miss your chance.

In fact, before initiating your mindset switch, you only look for pieces of evidence that you make the ‘right’ choice to your detriment. We commonly call these excuses or diversion noises.

As you can read early in this article, finding evidence that setting my business was too risky or uncertain for me even to try, was very easy.

Now it’s time to uncover the reason behind the wish to create my successful business, and collect in my notes, these new encouraging pieces of evidence.

I know I’ll use them often as lousy days are part of the entrepreneur’s journey.

The great thing about making a difficult decision is that you have made the decision you don’t look back. You move forward, and it feels good – Liberating.

On lousy days, I think about looking for a new job. When it happens, I acknowledge that today is a bad day and trigger my ‘lousy day’ defence mechanism created with my coach and accept that tomorrow will be another day.

Overcoming obstacles daily to continue progressing is very painful, and setbacks are very lonely.

One of the reasons is, as an entrepreneur, people think, you have a dream life therefore rarely offer help or support.

Now I can proudly say that I’m a successful entrepreneur, proud of the choice I made. I’m building my project brick by brick with a new support network.

By doing so, I have found the most rewarding aspect of life - my Purpose.

My purpose is to guide my clients towards realising that they have everything it takes to make their craziest dreams meet reality. In an honest, trusted and transparent partnership.

Going to work is now a joy. Furthermore, my job is 100% based on positivity so very uplifting for my clients and gratifying for myself.

I have the privilege to witness every day the power people discover when they start being coached and the fantastic progress they swiftly make towards their goal.

The takeaway here is that from looking for excuses justifying staying in my ‘comfy’ job, the only thing I really accomplished was wasting time.

However, when I decided to consciously cut the noise and start looking for the signs guiding me toward building my dream business step by step it happened.

So please don’t waste any more time, as you lose it forever. Get coached and like all my clients realise your dreams. When you feel ready, book a call with me or select the plan & pricing that works for you by clicking on these links.

Thanks for reading.

Speak soon, Aline x

Start looking for the right evidence, rather than justifying the wrong ones.

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