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Why go on your own...

when you can benefit from my support

to leverage your worth?

With nearly 15 years of experience in the corporate world and the coaching of top professionals, I have collected a number of valuable insights.


On this site, I share some of the anecdotes that impacted my way of seeing things

and how I adapted going forward.

It hasn't always been easy; however, I recognise that it was down to choices.

In a nutshell, after leaving the corporate world to create my coaching practice, I realised that the vicious management I witnessed and experienced, affected me a lot more than I expected. Don't give me wrong, I'm a strong, successful and driven professional, constantly eager to overcome challenges

or obstacles put in my way.

To do so, and to pursue my ambitious career, I built mechanisms hiding deep-down the impact of bullying. I managed to fool myself until I started to doubt my capacities and lose confidence. The negative self-talk was winning until I studied coaching and met my coach. This is when I realised that coaching professionals, weakened by vicious management, was my mission. 


This website is for you to discover the coach I am and understand through my story that being strong, successful and ambitious doesn't save you from encountering vicious management. In fact, the chances are you will encounter bullying as your strengths will exacerbate these managers' insecurities. The manager who doesn't demonstrate leadership will drag you down until you move on

and lose this positive energy you always had and used to overcome tough times.

Never give up on your dreams, there is still time to achieve your career goals with the help of a few coaching sessions. Now let's be honest, empowered and committed to your projects and goals!