Leverage your worth

by optimising yourself

With 15 years of experience in the corporate world and performance coaching, I have collected for you a number of valuable insights.


On this website, I share some of the anecdotes, through short articles, that impacted my way of seeing things

and how I adapted going forward.

It wasn't always easy; however, with experience, I recognise that it was down to my choices.

In short, when I left the corporate world to open my practice, I realised that not enough support was available to employees; the setbacks I witnessed and experienced affected me far more than I expected as I couldn't shake them off after months of trying. despite being a strong, driven professional, eager to overcome any challenge.

While still in the corporate world, I built coping mechanisms to hide the impact setbacks and vicious management had on me. I managed to fool myself until I left. I promptly realised that the last year or so of my career impacted negatively (to say the least) my confidence.

No matter what I was doing the negative self-talk was winning. This is down to the way our brain is wired: coaching is about disrupting the thought process to rewire positively and for the term.

What I call: Leverage your worth by optimising yourself. 


This website is for you to discover the coach I am and understand through my stories that being strong, successful and ambitious doesn't save you from encountering setbacks. However, acknowledging these events and working on them with your coach will diminish the extent they would usually take.

The idea is to achieve your goal, complete your project or realise your dream without letting anyone decide, through their behaviour, where you should stop. 

Let's be honest, it won't always be easy but that's why I get coached! Let's reclaim control.




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