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Updated: Nov 30, 2018

No one else is to blame - Just me.

Being conscious that I'm responsible for what happens to myself no matter what was a great way to start being more forgivable with others and grounded with myself.

Here is how it started, some people call the power around:

'Universe', others call it 'God', others call it 'Karma' and others 'Energy'.

It doesn't matter what you call this 'luck', 'chance' or 'fortune'; you'll benefit from understanding that what I call 'energy' is what gravitates around us and affect the type of feedback or signals we receive in return.

Before you start correcting me, I'm not about to write a physics thesis around the atoms etc... You can relax.

What I want to highlight in this article, is that when you say - 'I'm unlucky I never win‘, you’re not starting from a place where you really want to win. The energy you convey towards winning is negative; therefore, you know what? It is pretty much 100% sure you won't win.

Well, you can apply this concept to pretty much anything. Which means, you should always consciously choose to send positive energy out no matter what the topic is and the pain it causes. The first topics or subjects that come to my mind are (I'm still working on them by the way):

- I'm not good enough to have the business I committed to building.
- My ideal clients do not exist.
- I won't ever lose the 3-4kg I've been trying to shed all my adult life.

I could continue this list all day; however, I am going to stop as I am sure you get my point; Plus now I'll spend the day forgetting these few sentences.

Indeed, the worst thing you can do to yourself is write down your negative affirmations.

For me many months of practice out of the window now. ;) However, you should always write down the positive affirmations you'd like your ego to accept and get used to.

- I'm the leader my team always needed
- I'm going to make this presentation a real show and smash it!
- My blog post will help someone who really needed to read this today.

You get it. If this article had to be resumed in one sentence, it would be something like this:

The energy you convey is the energy you get back, always but rarely in the same shape (would be too easy).

A very hot topic with my clients (and I) is money. The first question I ask my clients is what does money mean to them. Often when we're not in the financial situation we want to be in, we have negative thoughts around money or a negative image of people with money.

As your coach, I’ll work with you to understand where these ideas or perception come from and work on them with you to become ready move on with your new money mindset. We then create positive mechanisms for you to enjoy money (convey positive energy) even in challenging situations, such as paying your tax. This energy will also come back to you in same positive way but in a different shape. Pay attention to what happens inside when you make payments.

In a few words, spend money with a smile and be grateful to adopt a different money mindset.

Above we talked about money however, it honestly applies to everything.

I know it sounds a bit woo-woo but honestly, have you ever felt that after doing something sweet without expecting anything in return, you felt satisfied and happy but something pleasant happened to you in return soon after.

Or on the other hand, you refused to pay for something and lost the money anyway, by getting a fine, losing it or by buying something cheap and realised it was a waste of money.

Same with negative thoughts about people. However, it is more difficult to notice as often when you send negative energy, people do not even acknowledge you. You won’t know what you're missing out on unless you need something from that person in the future.

Remember what we say about being single. Often once you found and are happy with your new partner, suddenly everyone seems interested in you. Well, it is the same with job interviews, client meetings and very importantly: emails sent out, it’s down to the energy you send out what you'll receive in return.

This quick point about the emails, you send out, is so relevant these days that I’ll write an article specifically on the energy you use in communication soon. Meanwhile, be conscious of the energy you use when you send emails. Similar to money the energy you get back from emails is like for like, so very easy to spot. Think about the outcome you want from your contact, colleague or boss' response.

Warning - Be aware of the hugely annoying email you receive from your boss or the colleague you ‘dislike’, once again, you should always convey positive energy to avoid having to deal with the unpleasant reply. Especially on the friday afternoon.

To conclude this article, please don't make the mistake of waiting for the positive energy to come to you before you convey it towards others, or other things. It does not work this way. You have to consciously send positive energy to receive it.

Start now, you'll see it doesn't take long to get to you and appreciate this new positive habit.

Take the time to notice what you notice around you and get in touch to share your story with me in the comments.

To discuss with me further on how I'll help you adopt the mindset that will make you progress quicker toward your objectives, fill the contact form and I'll be in touch.

Speak soon, Aline

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