I haven't seen the coach on the pitch, you?

Updated: Dec 7, 2018

Everybody - yes every single person - should get a chance to experience coaching to realise the immense power of having someone 100% believing in you. When I say ‘power’ I mean the strength you acquire when you recognise that there is no limit to what you can achieve, as long as it is what you really want.

It’s not a myth or a social media story: Coaching client is highly rewarding as your role is to get your clients to become conscious that they have the main ingredients to move mountains: the motivation and willingness to succeed.

You have projects to accomplish? Don’t wait any longer get coached, you’ll gain time by reaching your goals confidently and quicker.

Think about it:

Would you question an athlete continually working with his/her coach to smash records?

The extraordinary results, my clients achieve in no time, made me understand that coaching is the secret successful entrepreneurs have been hiding.

Don’t give me wrong, I'm not saying that it is the only way to reach the top as surely some successful entrepreneurs never got coached, however, still made it to the top.

Furthermore, I have a lot of respect for them: the 'top' is very lonely. They would still benefit from being coached.

Since I founded my coaching practice, I have realised that most professionals eager to meet their business or career expectations need reassurance, a sounding board or even a cheerleader who does not have anything else than their best interest at heart.

As a leader, it is challenging to find someone willing to offer honest and constructive feedback to you. Someone ready to help you uncover your blind spots and cut through the everyday noise filling up your desk. Not having an honest opinion when you need it.

Who do you bounce ideas at or just spend time with to review your strategy or next turn in the business without wondering if the person opposite you is genuinely 'listening'?

Many aspects of the Business have nothing to do with your work experience, the number of diplomas you have (or not) such as emotional intelligence, internal politics, verbal and non-verbal communications and many others. Any aspect of the job you want to bring to the session will be confidently worked on so that you start injecting positive habits into your daily routine.

Your coach supports you no matter what in a non-judgemental manner.

You'll notice your coach believes more in you than yourself, this where you realise your extraordinary potential - there is no limit to what you can achieve.

One caveat though, you need to commission the right coach for you.

The right coach for you is the coach that makes you feel terrific, strong, makes you progress efficiently towards your goal. You trust him/her, therefore, never hold back and let flow guide you during the sessions. You feel safe.

To find the right coach, use the free initial conversation all coaches should make available to new potential clients. Then notice the way you feel at the end of the discussion, did you start getting value from your coach? Did you feel safe and comfortable to talk?

If the answer is yes, go ahead. If not, continue your search, there are plenty of coaches around, therefore really no reason for you not to find the ear that will make you thrive towards your goals.

Finally, a point I'd like to add is that great leaders share their experience and positiveness with their team members to make them great future leaders, so make sure you continue to share your knowledge and encourage your crew as "Alone you go quicker but together you go further'.

Thankfully, more and more studies highlight the benefits for companies to look after their employees to favorise good people retention and thriving teams, meaning a better work environment for everybody.

It is as simple as that, there is no trick; coaching is about you and what you bring to the session. Always with your best interest in mind and never judging.

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Speak soon, Aline x

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